A factory of ideas

With the capacity to produce, coordinate and diffuse innovative content and actions that occur in the cultural, technological and business scopes.


To connect the cultural and innovative world with the business sphere.

A Unique Initiative

In comparison to other European cities, Valencia does not have an independent framework that is capable of creating cultural content that is globally connected with artistic innovation, technology and science.

How we do it

We identify necessities.

We propose strategic plans.

We develop individualised content to demonstrate the personality of the business itself.

We demonstrate the public profiles of brands.

We produce actions that fuse sustainability, visibility and creative ideas in a dynamic manner to consequently individualise and distinguish the business itself from competitors.

Developing cultural and artistic embassies with corporate purposes.

Mediating the positive association and potential values of businesses in the world of cultural, technologic and scientific knowledge.

Maximising the positive effects that businesses can generate.

Areas of Activity

Actions that will revitalise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the values of the business that are based on culture and innovation.

Selection of cultural and technological ambassadors for the business.

Strategic communicative and marketing plans based on culture and innovation.

Design and development of programmes aimed to diffuse culture and science as business projects.

Selection of business sponsorships for cultural and innovative initiatives.

Selection of cultural and innovative content, adapted to each business concept.

Advice on investment and non-investment of artworks. Assessment and valuation.

Constituting private and corporate collections.

Strategies creating artistic and social legacies.

Specialised Financial, Judicial, Fiscal and insurance advice.

Informational meetings and alliances between investigation and the business sphere.

Generating permanent connections between investigation centres with world class reputation and businesses themselves.

Propelling scientific talent within the Comunitat Valenciana in a way that business actors can take up a leadership role.

Contributing to epistemological debates within the Valencian and Spanish community on new scientific methods applied to the business sector.

Fundamental exchange between different perspectives of the pioneers and specialists from different international universities qualified within the I+D Business service.


Because at the moment, 80% of a company’s value is found within its brand and not its products. Value therefore resides in their intangible assets.

Because the reputation of the business and industrial sector is spearheaded by communicative actions that take reference from culturally applied technological innovation.

Because brands themselves must demonstrate confidence from a corporate responsibility viewpoint. Innovation culture brings forward this credibility in a social sense.

Because an innovative and cultural projection, such as differential and strategic values, provokes loyalty to the brand.


The Hub counts on extended experience in the creation, administration and projection of academic, cultural, artistic, scientific and technological content both nationally and internationally, as well as boasting precise and direct dialogue with scientists, technologists and humanists from various universities and investigation centres of the highest level.

It also counts on an extensive trajectory in the direction of communicative strategies and cultural management of public organisations, businesses and private institutions.

The Team is led by:

Fernando Ibáñez, General Manager and Co-founder of Etica Patrimonios EAFI, Financial and Equity Consultants, registered in CNMW: Equity Management, Corporate Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Norberto Martínez, Cultural journalist, ex-director of the magazine, “Humanidades Contrastes”.

Prestige Alliances

A series of world institutions will be firmly allied in the identification of individuals and their projects linked with cultural, technologic and scientific innovation. Amongst them are the following:

MediaLab del MIT
Stata Center MIT
Beckman Center Stanford University
Universidad Berkeley
Real Instituto Elcano
Universidad Austin
TaTe Gallery
Museo de Sao Paolo
Gehua Pekín
London School of Economics


The Hub Team is in charge of appropriately disseminating, using multiple channels of communication, each and every process and action ensuring it reaches the proposed public.